Buccaneers Off-season Additions/Subtractions Grade


For numbers sake, let’s give Tampa Bay a theoretical overall grade of 76 right after Week 17 of the regular season. So, well before Dirk Koetter was fired and way before Bruce Arians changed the culture in the Bucs locker room. People are curious to know whether the new look Buccaneers are more talented than the team that fielded against the Atlanta Falcons in the season finale. Let’s figure it out using some simple addition/ subtraction methods, but first let’s look at who Tampa Bay lost and gained in the offseason.


– Ndamakung Suh (Los Angeles)

– OLB Shaq Barrett (Denver)

– WR Breshad Perriman (Cleveland)

– S/LB Deone Buchanan (Arizona)

– P Bradley Pinion (San Francisco)

– 2019 Bucs Rookies


– ILB Kwon Alexander (San Francisco)

– WR Adam Humphries (Tennessee)

– DT Gerald McCoy (Carolina)

– Vinny Curry (Philadelphia)

– WR DeSean Jackson (Philadelphia)**

** = Traded

Now that you know who was gained and who was lost, let’s run through the theoretical grading system. Of course, being that the Buccaneers overall grade was a 76, an overall number above that would indicate a positive impact of the additions. Similarly, a number below 76 would indicate perhaps the Bucs didn’t get enough back on their investment. Here’s the rules:


– Addition (+1)

– Subtraction (-1)

– Pro Bowl (x1)


– 1st Round (+2)

– 2nd-3rd Round (+1)

– 4th-7th Rounds (-)

So let’s begin with the subtractions for the team:

Kwon Alexander– The former middle linebacker  for the Bucs was a one time Pro Bowl alternative during his tenure here. Undersized, but a willing tackler. Thing is, he missed too many. His overall value as a subtraction is (-2)

– Subtraction (-1)

– 1 Pro Bowl (-1)

Adam Humphries– Humphries was the safety valve to quarterback Jameis Winston for years, but was never close to perennial. Overall subtraction value is (-1)

– Subtraction (-1)

Gerald McCoy– A stalwart in the Bucs interior defensive line, McCoy tallied 6 straight Pro-Bowl appearances and has an overall subtraction value of (-7)

– Subtraction (-1)

– 6 Pro Bowls (-6)

DeSean Jackson– Locker room wise, this shouldn’t be looked as a subtraction. Realistically, it’s hard to replace what Jackson brings to the football field. As a 3x Pro Bowler, Jackson has a subtraction value of (-4)

-Subtraction (-1)

– 3 Pro Bowls (-3)

Vinny Curry– Lost in the sauce between an inept defensive coordinator and a big contract, Curry underperformed last year. He heads back to the city of brotherly love after two disappointing seasons in Tampa. Subtraction value of (-1)

– Subtraction (-1)

Overall Subtraction Value: (-15)


Shaq Barrett– The first listed addition joins Tampa Bay after 5 years of playing in the shadow of the likes of players like Von Miller, Bradley Chubb and Shane Ray. Barrett is only 26 years old and loaded with potential. Only lacked the playing time. Addition value of (+1)

– Addition (+1)

Ndamakung Suh– Fills the shoes left behind in McCoy. A five time Pro Bowler himself, Suh has been pass rushing specialist as well as a run stop force in the league for years now. A week two matchup against Gerald McCoy and Tampa Bay is sure to be an awkward one. Addition value (+6)

– Addition (+1)

– 5 Pro Bowls (+5)

Breshad Perriman– Former first round pick ousted from the team that drafted him, but showed plenty of potential playing with the Browns last year under Freddie Kitchens. Addition value of (+1).

– Addition (+1)

Deone Buchanan– S/LB is a former player in Bruce Arians system who should help some of the newer players with the nuances of the defense. Addition value of (+1).

-Addition (+1)

Bradley Pinion– Was handed big time money from the Buccaneers as the marquee punter on the free agent market. Addition value of (+1)

-Addition (+1)

Devin White– 1st Round pick Devin White could eventually make the Tampa Bay fan base forget about Kwon Alexander. Is a formidable contender for DROY and will be a Day 1 plug and play starter. Addition value of (+3)

– Addition (+1)

– 1st Round (+2)

Sean Murphy-Bunting– Second Round pick Murphy-Bunting consistently proved during OTAs and minicamp why the Bucs took a chance on the small school prospect. Will be a factor on Sundays. Addition value of (+2).

– Addition (+1)

– 2nd Round (+1)

Jamel Dean– The second round pick out of Auburn looks like an undersized linebacker on the football field. Except he runs a 4.3 in the 40. Is a freak athlete with injury scares in college that kept him out of 1st round contention. Addition value of (+2)

– Addition (+1)

– 2nd Round (+1)

Mike Edwards: Strong Safety of out Kentucky, Edwards played in one of the scariest secondaries in college football last year. Will definitely be a candidate to take a starting role at SS sometime during his rookie year. Has looked the part all throughout the offseason. Addition value of (+2).

– Addition (+1)

– 3rd Round (+1)

Overall Addition Value: (+19)


Now, after taking the overall additions (+19) and the overall subtractions (-15), you’ll notice that the Buccaneers earned an offseason grade of a positive (+4). This would mean that after all player acquisitions (prominent ones), the overall team rating for the Bucs rose from 76 to an 80 overall as a team. Add in the fact that the coaching additions made to the team were superb and that number could look much higher. But coaching aside, it looks like Tampa Bay and it’s roster are heading in the right direction for this team.

Over/Under: +4

Final Team Rating: 80