Buccaneers 53 Man Roster Projections: Quarterbacks


With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers off until July 26th, its a good time to take a wild guess at what the 53 man roster will look like. There is plenty of changes that will happen between now and when the 53 man roster is finalized, but here are some of the guys that might make the final cut. Keep in mind, injuries do also occur which could change this list a little bit here and there.

Quarterbacks: 3

Bruce Arians carried three quarterback on the roster during all five of his years in Arizona. I expect the same with the Bucs.

Jameis Winston

This one isn’t rocket science. Jameis Winston is entering his last year under contract. The “quarterback whisperer” is in Tampa and excitement is very high. There are big expectations for Jameis Winston. I’ve said it multiple times, the problem with Jameis isn’t talent, its consistency. He will throw interceptions, he will escape the pocket and make a gorgeous throw downfield, but can he cut down on the terrible decisions? Bucs fans everywhere are hoping that Bruce Arians can complete the transformation of Jameis Winston into a franchise quarterback. If not, next years Bucs team will look very different.

Blaine Gabbert

Not sure how to feel about this one. Ryan Griffin is still around, but his lack of game experience may be a question. Gabbert is familiar with Bruce Arians from his one year under Arians in 2017. Still, This is a guy who 48 career touchdowns, 47 career interceptions and a 56% completion in his career. I think he makes the 53 man roster just because of his familiarity, but ends up being the third string quarterback behind Ryan Griffin.

Ryan Griffin

Ryan Griffin impresses every preseason and then proceeds to not see a snap in the regular season. He has yet to ever see a regular season snap, but Dirk Koetter kept him around. On March 12 of this year, Griffin signed a two year extension to stay in Tampa. This staff, especially Jason Licht, is not afraid of admitting their mistakes and fixing them. If Griffin doesn’t show up in training camp and the preseason, he could end up being cut. My bet is on him sticking around yet again. He may even be able to beat out Gabbert for the second spot on the depth chart.

Wildcard: Nick Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald has the potential to be a Swiss army knife for the team. I don’t think he has the throwing ability to beat out either Gabbert or Griffin. I think he ends up on the practice squad, but the Bucs could activate him here and there on gameday to make plays similar to the way the Saints used Taysom Hill.