Winston’s “Dream Forever Week”



Tampa Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston continued to show he is a force off the field as well as on by kicking off his “Dream Forever Week” on Monday in Birmingham Alabama.

The “Dream Forever Week” is part of Winston’s “Dream Forever Foundation” he started in 2017. The foundation was started to help financially disadvantaged youths with the resources, guidance, opportunities and encouragement to achieve their goals in life.

Winston, talking with’s Dennis Victory said,

“I’m very excited to give back to the community and help some kids who are in need,” Winston said. “I’m trying to teach them a little budget lesson in between because everybody thinks basketball goals are a hundred dollars and that’s just not the case. I’m trying my best to navigate them in the right direction.”

Winston bought pizza for the kids to go with the shopping spree at Dick’s Sporting Goods as he talked about the goals of his foundation.

“I have a little sit-down with them and talk about the influence God has had on my life and how important their faith is,” Winston said. “The second message being school, so education and continuing to learn and grow mentally. The third thing is to dream forever.”

Winston will also speak at the Bessemer Public Library as well as make a donation to the library, both in hope that it will encourage local students to focus on education and using the public resources in which to do so.

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