Is Ndamukong Suh A Question Mark?


The last mercenary the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed didn’t inspire much hope for the future. Brent Grimes and the infamous “I don’t get paid enough to cover that guy”, is a story that will live on for some time in Bucs lore. The signing of Ndamaukong Suh obviously made sense, the Bucs needed a quality starter on the defensive line, so they went out and got one. With that being said, anywhere Suh has been he hasn’t really ever felt like he was part of that team. Wherever he has been, there has been rumors of laziness and not following instructions. We all hope its different in Tampa Bay. Bruce Arians has come in preaching a motto of accountability. We hope for everyone’s sake, that’s not just a catch phrase.

Last year, Suh lined up next to the best defensive tackle I have ever seen. If Aaron Donald retired tomorrow, he would have a legitimate case for the Hall of Fame. With that man lined up next to him, the Rams allowed 5.1 yards per rush to opponents in 2018. They did combine for 25 sacks (4.5 from Suh and 20.5 from Donald), but both Pro Football Focus and the RamsWire noted that Suh seemed like a player who was past his prime in 2018. I don’t think the Bucs expect Suh to be the Suh of 2010, when the only double digit sack season of his career, but they need him to be better than four sacks. Suh has managed to stay very healthy throughout his career, but his sack numbers have steadily declined since 2014. It’s also interesting to note, there wasn’t much interest in the 32 year old defensive tackle. Whatever the case, let’s hope this staff can bring the best out in Suh.