Winston Giving Up Beef?


During a recent fishing charity event in Alabama, Jameis Winston remarked to CBS TV 42 that he isn’t eating staple meats such as beef or pork. Saying further,

“That [deer] jerky. I’m just happy it ain’t no beef or pork so I can actually eat it,” Winston said. “So, it’s really good.”

Winston isn’t the first Buccaneer to give up beef or pork. Guard Ali Marpet is also giving up beef to help his body recover faster, according to 620 WDAE.

Even former Buc defensive tackle Gerald McCoy recently decided not to just give up meat, but go fully vegan this offseason.

Is it truly beneficial for players to cut out typical meats such as beef or pork in order to keep their body’s ready for game day? Players like Winston seem to think so. As they try to eat as clean as seemingly possible.

While cutting out junk food like Hostess products or saying no to quick meals at drive-thru’s like McDonald’s obviously has great upside. Cutting out core meats, though, is a bold move; especially this time of year for players.

Take now for example – the entire nation is celebrating Independence Day, one of the biggest national holidays of the year; often marked by an array of delectable meats. Winston, though, was surely counted out on that fun this year – except if deer jerky was included in the spread, of course.