EA Sports Madden 20 ratings are out


The Madden 20 rankings are out and the Buccaneers didn’t get much love.

When your starting left tackle is rated “68” and your starting franchise quarterback is rated “76” it tends to be an uphill climb for Madden players choosing this team to play with.
With just eight players rated above “80”, it looks like EA Sports has little faith in this team.

There are some bright spots amongst the Buccaneers’ Madden rankings. Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans and linebacker Lavonte David are the only two Buccaneers with a rating of “90” or higher, rightfully so. Ndamukong Suh‘s rating of “85” seems fair (wonder what McCoy’s is?). Buccaneers first-round draft pick Devin White‘s rating is “74” which seems low but is expected for a rookie.

Probably the most disappointing rating is the Buccaneers overall team rating of “74”. That seems low at first glance but in reality, is probably closer than most want to admit. Going 5-11 for two straight seasons doesn’t help.

Every year when the Madden ratings come out there are always complaints. While some may be justified in the case of the Buccaneers ratings in this years version of Madden, unfortunately, EA Sports is pretty spot-on.

Of course, this is a video game and is a pure coincidence if it ends up reflecting real life. If anything, hopefully, the Bucs will outplay these Madden ratings.