Buccaneers: Byron Leftwich Praises Todd Bowles Defense


Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich held a press conference Tuesday morning. The focus was obviously on the offense and more specifically, quarterback Jameis Winston.

Leftwich gave us a glimpse into the strategy he and defensive coordinator Todd Bowles are using during training camp. One of the examples Leftwich gave,

“Hey, what you got in today? See if you can do this” eluding to his conversations with Bowles prior to each practice.

“Normal mistakes” is how Leftwich described the mistakes the offense is making. This comes as a result of Bowles defense.

“They disguise well. We probably won’t see a team that disguises as well as (Bowles’ defense) does all year.” Leftwich went on to say, “Once they know how to respond to the danger”

Implementing a new offense and a new defense is never an easy transition for a team. The Buccaneers are learning on both sides of the ball. Leftwich added, “Every play I’m trying to make it as hard for him as possible.” Jameis Winston, as well as the rest of the team, have their work cut out for them.