Winston has best practice of training camp


Day five of our Winston “Watch” and we are happy to report that today has been Winston’s best practice thus far.

Winston has been under siege by Todd Bowles defense so far in training camp. This throw seems to be off the mark, but in reality Winston put it where only his guy could catch it.

This video clip is by far our favorite. Typically throwing into double coverage makes one have heart palpitations. That said, seeing rookie wide receiver Scotty Miller go up and “high-point” the ball on a nearly perfect throw is a great thing to see.

As practice started to wind down Winston did have a few errant throws, nothing that couldn’t be chalked up to fatigue as these guys have been working hard.

He has had alot thrown at him this offseason. From a new coaching staff. To losing two starting receivers in free agency. To now dealing with Todd Bowles defense in practice. Even still Winston has always been a warrior, always been a student of the game. This year he is being pushed on every snap every day. Today we started to see some of the fruits of his labor.