Noah Spence looks to be turning the corner


In delicate situations as these, you always want to look at said situation over a decent length of time so you will have more information on if you’re being fooled or not. Almost like stocks, I guess. In the case of newly converted  outside linebacker, Noah Spence, his value hasn’t been this high since his IPO (his rookie season for the non jokesters). In all seriousness, Spence is in a contract year along with his 2016 draft mate, Vernon Hargreaves, who both know this is their put up or shut up year. So far, they’ve both played as if they want to be paid. But more on Spence.


Stepping His Game Up

He has clearly checked off the three stages of offseason player authenticity. Standout in OTA’s. Standout in training camp. And, so far, a standout through the first game of the pre-season. I’m still holding my breath like everyone else, but let’s be honest, the consistency is comforting. From putting fellow teammate, Donovan Smith on his backside (twice)


…or just completely dominating in the Steelers game this past Friday.

Noah Spence seems to be getting it this year and thanks in big part to Todd Bowles for realizing (fairly quickly) that his natural position was at the 3-4 outside linebacker position. Kudos. It will be interesting to see when Todd Bowles let’s the leash of the playbook come Week one, just what of an impact some of these players will be making in his fast and blitz-savvy defense.