Warren Sapp lashes out at Gerald McCoy


“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in”, said Michael Corleone in “The Godfather Part III”. For everybody who thought they’d heard the last of the Gerald McCoy saga (until the Buccaneers and Panthers meet in week 2, that is), think again.

Having always been outspoken, you just knew that Warren Sapp would be dropping the other shoe. But what may be most surprising is that it took the usually ‘quick quipped’ Tampa Bay legend over two months to respond.

On Pewter Nation podcast, the comments concerning McCoy can be heard near the 14-minute mark. To even try to paraphrase Sapp, or include the juicy Sapp’isms that can be heard in the podcast would do no justice. Suffice it to say, the point is made that #99 does not even think that #93 should be looking for a place in the Ring; let alone trying to argue the Buccaneers disrespected him by allowing Ndamukong Suh to wear #93.

QB Killa Being QB Killa

A source close to Bucs Report disclosed that, although the public persona of the relationship between Sapp and McCoy seemed downright cordial, the behind-the-scenes relationship may have been more QB Killa-esque. Sapp is going to call it like he sees it. To him, he saw a great player in McCoy, but not a Tampa Bay legend or Ring of Honor candidate. As Sapp put it best, “…Even a Wildcard playoff game over McCoy’s nine seasons in Tampa Bay…”

McCoy had no real response to Sapp’s remarks other than a Tweet that simply stated, “Ok y’all want my response here it goes………… God bless you bro!!”. For now, it doesn’t seem like a public war of words is on the horizon. But not many saw McCoy making the statements he made earlier this summer, either.

One thing remains the same after all of these years. If Warren Sapp is the one pulling fans back in, nobody seems to want out.