Warren Sapp goes in on Cam Newton


Former Buccaneer great Warren Sapp is always good for a quote. Recently during an interview with Vladislav Lyubovny on VladTV Sapp chimed in on Cam Newton.


Sapp, never one to hold back had this to say,

“I watched Cam Newton tell me that he’s going to the Super Bowl to do what no other African-American quarterback has ever done,” Sapp continued. “I guess he forgets because Doug Williams was standing there lighting the Broncos’ ass up. Won Super Bowl MVP.”

Sapp wasn’t finished,

“What’s left for an African-American quarterback?, Oh that’s right, what he did. Lose the game, won’t stick his nose in to get the fumble and pout like a bitch.”

Some will claim this is simply “Warren being Warren” but honestly, he isn’t wrong.

Photo credit: USA TODAY Sports Images)