You are what you are


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers can change coaches. They can change offenses. They can change defenses. They can hire the largest coaching staff in NFL history.

And, still, the only thing consistent about the Buccaneers is that they are still wildly inconsistent.

Groundhog Day

Although Sunday’s 31-17 loss at home to San Francisco on opening day would qualify as a sequel to Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day”. The Bucs frantically try to pull themselves out of a hole they created with mistakes and penalties. The defense can’t get off the field despite several third-and-longs. Still, Jameis can drive the Bucs to a winning score in the final minutes only to throw the most heinous of interceptions to seal the loss.

The Bucs needed a new 28-person coaching staff to deliver that?? That was a weekly occurrence under Dirk Koetter.

The smartest person I know has a saying: You can’t fix stupid. I’m sorry…but Jameis Winston remains football stupid. He’s in his fifth year and still makes the most rookie of rookie quarterback mistakes.

Yet, Winston is as physically gifted as any quarterback in football. His size, arm, and athletic ability make scouts drool.

Double yet, he has a habit of scoring for the opposition. And yesterday, he scored more for the Niners than he did the Bucs.

Two pick-sixes in a single game. Trent Dilfer did it in 1997. Eli Manning owns a piece of the NFL record with three in one game. Ironically, that was the year the Giants beat the undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl XLII.

Does Winston Have What It Takes?

How many believe Winston can quarterback the Bucs to a Super Bowl?




And one of the reasons Bruce Arians ended retirement was to coach this Buccaneer team with Jameis Winston at quarterback. Oh!! Be careful about what you wish for.

The NFL is littered with overreaction after every season opener.

It could be worse. It could be Miami.

It could be worse. It could be Cleveland.

It could be worse. It could be Oakland.

But you know what fans are thinking in Miami, Cleveland, and Oakland: It could be worse. It could be Tampa Bay.

It could be another 5-11 season for the Buccaneers. But opening day was supposed to be one of the five.