Buccaneers get a thumbs up in the division


No secret, the Buccaneers were “all thumbs” in the season-opening loss to San Francisco.

Yet, all of a sudden, a win at Carolina combined with a hand-and-thumb injury to Drew Brees has given the Bucs a giant “thumbs up” heading into Week 3 and the winless New York Giants.

Nobody has a better record than their 1-and-1 in the NFC South. Quite honestly, that’s nothing to “thumb your nose at” as the Bucs have been looking for anything positive in recent years. Not to take delight in Brees’ injury, but the truth is the Buccaneers haven’t had a helping hand like this for a long time.

The Saints opened the season as Super Bowl contenders. Just about everybody handed the Saints the NFC South crown. But if the Brees injury lasts for a few weeks or a month, feel free to signal New Orleans a “thumbs down” as the season moves well into October. Next week, the Saints are in Seattle. They close September against Dallas. Now, their October 6 trip to Raymond James could be the “green thumb” to a surprising season for Bruce Arians.


Provided Jameis Winston really did learn something in the Niners loss.

Provided the defense continues to keep opposing teams out of the endzone.

I know. We are talking the Bucs here. You may be thinking I need to pull my thumb out of my…

Under My Thumb

Still, the Bucs have been under everyone else’s thumb in the NFC South since the days of Jon Gruden. Talk about Tom Thumb!!

Bottom line, everybody in the NFC South looks like they are twiddling their thumbs. Right now, Carolina hardly looks like a playoff team. Who knows what to expect from Atlanta? This division has four teams that can suck their thumbs on any given Sunday. If everybody else in the NFC South can remain inconsistent while the Bucs find their way under Arians, who knows what can happen?

Let’s see if the Bucs can take advantage of circumstances and sometime very soon we can give them not one, but two thumbs up!