Buccaneers: Jameis Winston vs. the New York Giants secondary


Jameis Winston followed up his poor performance in week one with a solid bounce-back performance in week two. As many have noted, Bruce Arians system isn’t easy to learn, after all, Carson Palmer threw 22 interceptions in his first season under Arians. Overall, there will be some bumps in the road and week one was just that. Even with the big win for the Buccaneers against the  Carolina Panthers, there is still work to be done. Up next, a match-up against the 0-2 New York Giants.

Jameis Winston Should Shine

The New York Giants are reeling. It was expected to be a rebuilding year, but dropping a game to the Buffalo Bills was probably not exactly part of the plan. While the Giants have struggled in multiple areas, the secondary has been the worst unit on the team. The offense has managed to put at least some points on the board, but the defense hasn’t been able to stop anyone. The Giants are tied for the second most points allowed with 63. Only the Miami Dolphins have been worse this year.

Of those 63 point allowed by the Giants, just over half of them (including the extra points) have come through the air. The Giants have also allowed 642 yards through the air which is the third worst in the NFL. There’s no reason to expect anything less than a good day against the  Giants secondary. Josh Allen and Dak Prescott had good days against them and there’s no reason to expect any less for Winston.

The Next Step

The Giants aren’t a team to be overlooked. Looking at their schedule, they have quite a few tough games coming up after the Buccaneers. Their next three opponents after the Bucs are the Redskins, Vikings and the Patriots. They will be staring 0-3 dead in the face and desperate for a win. Fact of the matter is that good teams beat bad teams. The Giants are a bad team. If the Bucs want to continue to prove the world wrong, they will need to beat these Giants. Jameis Winston has an opportunity to excel. Let’s see what he, and the Buccaneers, can do.


Photo credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images