Shaq Barrett needs an extension



Jason Licht hit a homerun with signing Shaq Barrett in free agency. Now he has to make it a grand slam by keeping him here for a few more years and lessen the urgency to sign a young pass rusher in the draft. Barrett has been a monster for three straight weeks. It looks like it will continue as long as he stays healthy. The linebacker has already lived up to his one-year contract expectations. He looks like he could be a long-time solution for the Tampa Bay defense for a while if… we can keep him.

Current Contract

Barrett is currently on a one-year $4 million contract with an incentive bonus of $250,000 for eight sacks. He reached Sunday against the Giants and is line for another bonus of $250,000 when he reaches 10 sacks. If I were the Buccaneers, I would lock up Barrett now before his price goes any higher. He is on a one-year “prove it” contract and has damn sure proved it. Every sack he gets is dollar signs ringing higher and higher for Mr. Barrett’s bank account.

The Agent

Barrett’s agent should be telling him to not sign any extension because Barrett holds all leverage in a new contract situation. He is on pace to have any NFL team open their wallet and hand Barrett a check and let him write any number on it. At this pace, he is on pace to break 40 sacks and that would be just insane if that happens and would put the Buccaneers in a financial bind with the team. Although the Buccaneers should have about $60 million in cap space next season it will be interesting to see what happens.


In my opinion, Barrett will stay loyal to the Buccaneers and finish his career here. He has said all he wanted was a team to want him. Barrett is a family man and it seems his family has settled down here nicely.


Four-year $50 million with a fifth-year team option.