Buccaneers offense pops, then fizzles


This past Sunday the Buccaneers fell to the New York Giants 32-31. Late in the game, the outcome laid at the foot of kicker Matt Gay, he missed, Bucs lost. Another factor in the loss for the Buccaneers was the disappearing act performed by the Buccaneers’ offense, specifically in the third quarter.

In the game-opening drive, Bucs fans witnessed something they had not seen in the first two games of the season: The Winston-to-Evans connection. Quarterback Jameis Winston was able to connect with Mike Evans on a 21-yard fade into the end zone. This play would cap off an impressive 5:41 drive to start off the game. Buccaneers fans would have been satisfied, but Evans was not. He raked in two more touchdown passes throughout the first half alone. By the end of the first half, Tampa Bay’s offense was firing on all cylinders, putting up an impressive 28 points in the first two quarters.

What Happened To The Offense?

Now, to get to the real topic of this article… What happened to the offense? One minute the Buccaneers are going 6 straight possessions with points and the next thing you know it’s a “3-and-out” frenzy. To sum this answer up shortly, it was adjustments.. or lack of, for better words. The Buccaneers went into the locker room at the half, confident on a 28-10 lead over the Giants. As many Buccaneers fans know, this confidence is rare as of late, so it very well could have been taken for granted.

After halftime, the New York Giants’ offense looked to be just that against the Buccaneers’ defense, actual giants. As for the Buccaneers’ offense.. well they were still in the locker room. The results of every drive for the Buccaneers in the second half reads as followed: Punt, Punt, Punt, Interception, Field Goal, Punt, Missed Field Goal.

So what exactly happened? Well, nobody can be completely certain, because there are a lot of factors to consider. But nobody can argue that the Buccaneers were completely unprepared for what Daniel Jones and the Giants would be delivering come the third quarter. For the Giants, maybe this could hush the crowd a little regarding their former 6th overall pick.

Come Together

As for the Buccaneers, it was a slice of humble pie. Tampa Bay’s roster has a lot of talent and potential, but until the team can come together and play all phases of the game together, Buccaneers fans can expect to see some mishaps, especially under a first-year coaching regime. The Buccaneers will head to Los Angeles this Sunday to start a 5-game away game streak where they will aim to redeem themselves.

Photo credit: buccaneers.com