Where is the Bucs’ WR3?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could use some help from its third wide receiver position, which is currently occupied by Breshad Perriman. Unfortunately, he has been, at best, unproductive. In two out three games, Perriman has logged three receptions for 16 yards, and one rush for 13 yards. He had a couple of dropped passes against San Francisco and did not record a catch on four targets against the Carolina Panthers.

Overall, Perriman’s lack of production has been frustrating. In the high-octane offense averaging 400 yards of game, somehow he can’t keep the flagship going with just two first downs.

This isn’t a phase for the fourth-year wide receiver; it’s becoming his M.O. After being selected by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the 2015 draft, Perriman caught just half of his targets in Baltimore his rookie year for a total of five hundred yards. He had three touchdowns but wasn’t quite the receiver that he could have been. The following season, his production dropped dramatically. He had only caught 10 receptions off of 34 targets for a total of 77 yards.

Perriman was cut from Baltimore due to his lack of productivity, but the Cleveland Browns decided to take a chance on him. Through 10 games played in 2018, he had 16 receptions off of 25 targets. He had 340 yards, which means he was stretching the field. After the signing of Odell Beckam Jr., the Browns no longer needed his services and he was let out of his deal.

Perriman’s skill set could desperately help a high octane offense which needs to move the chains. He has the potential to thrive in this offense, and turn around his career. Maybe, the receiver just needs some motivation.