Buccaneers putting the ‘team’ in team record


How is it the Buccaneers go into LA and put 55 points on the undefeated Rams and this is what feels right? Never before had a 3-0 team had double nickels dropped on them like the defending NFC Champion Rams did on Sunday. Buccaneer fans had never seen the team score 7 touchdowns and 2 field goals in one game. Even the electrifying start to the offense in 2018 didn’t feel as satisfying as the Buccaneers first victory over the Rams in California yesterday. Bye, bye goose egg.

Complete team effort


From the moment Ryan Fitzpatrick hooked up with DeSean Jackson last year in New Orleans, it felt like the offense was doing its best to cover the blemish that was the Mike Smith defense. Sunday in the city of angels the offense was inspired by an aggressive defense that smothered and shut down the Sean McVay machine.

The offense fed the defense and the defense inspired the offense. While Jameis Winston carved the Rams defense up like a pumpkin, the Buccaneer defense went trick or treating on the Rams. Even special teams put on a show with Matt Gay going 7 for 7 on extra points and 2-2 on field goals of 26 and 58 yards

Team Records

Never before had the Buccaneers scored 55 points in a game. Think about that for a moment. We’re not talking about juiced baseballs, record numbers of home runs, or NBA triple triples. This was the most points ever scored by a Tampa Bay Buccaneers team in one game. That was entertainment!

Chris Godwin had 12 receptions for 172 yards and 2 touchdowns. Those 12 receptions tied Keyshawn Johnson for most receptions by a Buccaneer WR in a game.

Godwin also had 9 receptions for 125 yards and 2 touchdowns by halftime. Setting the record for most completions to a WR in one half of a game.

Matt Gay became the first Buccaneers place kicker to make seven PAT’s in one game. Perfect on the point after attempts for all seven touchdowns.

Shaq Barrett’s 9 sacks in the first quarter of this season puts him in rare company. As in the only Buccaneer to have accomplished this feat.

You start putting all of the firsts together and its easy to see why this game was such a COMPLETE team victory.

500 and counting…

This week the Buccaneers go back to where all that offense from last year started. Riding out of the Mercedes Benz Superdome in 2018 felt like the Buccaneers had captured lightning in a bottle. They had. But as is the case with lightning, it was unpredictable, unsustainable, and didn’t feel right.

This year the Buccaneers head into Nawlens at 2-2. With an improving offense. Relentless defense. Special teams that are, well, kind of special. Basically, with all of the optimism the team had heading out of the big easy last year. But this year feels different. This year the feeling is complete. This year they are playing as a team.

Source; Buccaneers.com, TampaBay.com

Photo credit: buccaneers.com