Is Ronald Jones running to the starting spot?


Who would of thought Ronald Jones would do a 180° turnaround from this time last year? Jones has studied and learned the playbook. He has learned how to be an NFL professional. The good news is as much as some want there to be a competition between the two backs that’s simply not the case. They lean on each other rather than in competition with one another. Jones has made the case to be the featured back at this point by his performance. It’s still a running back by committee approach.

From “No-go” to “Rojo”

As it stands today Jones is 4 yards short of being on track to break 1,000 yards rushing. The average yards a game needed is 62.5 Jones is currently at 58.5. That is a night and day change difference from his 2018 campaign. Jones could only tally up 44 total yards and 1 touchdown the entire season. Jones currently has the hot hand as far as running backs are concerned and it should continue coming into this sundays game on the road against the New Orleans Saints. If Jones can penetrate past the front four of their defensive front Jones should blow by the Saints linebackers. Jones should be highly involved in the passing game because the lack of speed the Saints linebackers have.


I expect Jones to have about 20 carries and break the 100 yard rushing mark this Sunday. Yes, I said it “Ronald Jones will break 100 yards rushing this Sunday” against the Saints and will get 30 yards receiving. You can take this to the bank Jones will score on a reception out of the backfield.

My predictions are that Ronald Jones should be the bell cow off the rushing offense and bring Barber in for short yards situations and pass blocking. Not saying Barber is doing bad because he isnt I just think that Jones has the spark this offense has be lacking for some time now and its time to unleash the beast within.


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