O.J. Howard shows ‘foul’ hand skills.


As Tampa Bay awoke to a rainy, overcast hump day slumber there was optimism in the air. Dry air is moving in to push the humidity out for the weekend. Along with the approaching fall weather is great Tampa Bay sports to enjoy.

Last night the Rays handed Houston Astros ace, Justin Verlander a rare loss in game 4 of the AL Divisional series. Sending the series back to Houston and a deciding game 5.

For Tampa Bay fans watching last nights game, a an OJ Howard sighting was a nice treat. Sitting down the right field line, just beyond the Rays bullpen. A foul ball was hit on a line. The talented Howard reached up and snagged it like a boss. The video  was an entertaining aside to a fantastic Rays win.


Putting things like in perspective

In the rear view mirror is last weeks capitulation to the Saints defensive line by the Buccaneer offensive line. All eyes are focused on this weeks tea party against the Panthers and that royal pain in the backside, Christian McCaffrey.

Whats on the line

As Tampa Bay approaches week 6 they find themselves 2-3 and in a must win Divisional game themselves. Staying ahead of the Falcons, and trailing the Panthers by a game. This week is the most important game of the season, as it is the NEXT GAME.

Time for some Juice

While HC Bruce Arians and OC Byron Leftwich continue to figure out the most effective way to use all the toys in the toy box, TE Howard has seemed as if he was in witness protection.

Seeing Howard demonstrating his catching skills while taking in a ball game before the transatlantic Buccaneer home game could be a precursor of what the Buccaneers will need for a road, home, international…whatever it is.

Faced with another game where clock control will be crucial. Avoiding the risk of putting the ball in McCaffrey’s hands too often. This could be just the week to open up the ‘Tight End’ specialty playbook.

With the hand skills the duo of Brate and Howard possess, in the case of OJ, demonstrated at Tropicana Field on Tuesday night. Maybe it’s time to crank that dynamic duo up to full throttle.

Buccaneer fans would love to see the team send the Panthers on a five hour flight back across the pond in a foul mood.