Grading Hargreaves


Opinion editorial

Vernon Hargreaves was projected as the number one corner in the 2016 draft class. Hargreaves was seen as a steal after Tampa Bay managed to move back a few spots and still get the corner they wanted. Hargreaves was forced to play early on a very bad Buccaneer team. As a result, he was tortured and torched several times playing in a very poor Mike Smith defense. It took Ronde Barber three season to become the corner we have grown to know and love can Hargreaves do the same? Let’s see what he grades out in 2019.

Stat Breakdown

As of today, Hargreaves grades out with a 48.7 with 26 solo tackles (T-11th), one interception (T-18th), targets 37 (15th), receptions allowed (T-4th). The CB also graded out at a 61.8 in 2017 and a 62.3 in 2018. The biggest area of concern is that Hargreaves has given up the 4th most receptions among all starting corners. There’s no telling what Hargreaves’s grade will be at the end of the season. At the current rate he is going, it isn’t looking so good. Will the young corner turn a corner after the bye week?

The Good And The Bad

In my opinion, we aren’t using Hargreaves correctly. I use to think he was a man coverage corner but after watching hours of tape he is a cover 2 corner. I see how to properly use Hargreaves and get maximum usefulness from him. Hargreaves will grade out higher if he is used in a similar way they used Barber near the end of his career in underneath coverage and run support. He is quicker than he is fast, he worries constantly about getting beat deep by a double move. Hargreaves cannot truly play confidently if he remains outside the numbers at corner. The reason I use Barber as an example is that Barber was that same kind of player being quicker than his fast. He could play more comfortably in a zone coverage jumping underneath routes. The issue for Hargreaves we already have someone else in that spot name M.J. Stewart.


I personally think that Hargreaves can change his career for the better if he is willing to take a lesser role and fit into what he is most comfortable with. Be aggressive and stop thinking so much and just play the game he knows how to play.

I expect some type of change coming after or during the bye week from this coaching staff. Arians’ patience with this team is growing very thin and most of it is out of his control until he can get some contracts off the books and opportunities to add other quality players to this team that can fit their game plan. Will Hargreaves be apart of the new changes? Only the future will tell.