Bucs O-line vs. Titans D-line


It seems like we have this conversation alot when it comes to Tampa Bay’s offensive line against the opponents. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will again  be without starting left guard Alex Cappa and right tackle Demar Dotson. The offensive unit will need to lean on the backups Josh Wells and Earl Watford. I’m sure Wells & Watford both will be looking for some redemption next Sunday against Cameron Wake, Harold Landry and Jurrell Casey.

The Bad

Lets start with the bad in regards to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive line. As stated earlier the offensive unit will be without its starting right side of the line. It will have to overcome alot of attention they will receive next sunday. The Offensive line should’ve given up over 10 sacks in the game against the Panthers. The reason that wasn’t accomplished is because the scramble ability of Jameis Winston.

The Titans will attempt to use the same success against the Buccaneers offensive as the Panthers did in London. Look for blitzes to come off the right A gap and on the outside. This puts pressure on the backups to make split second decisions. Hoping for some type of miscommunication or missed assignment. The Buccaneers offensive line has been a bit of a disappointment the entire season. Tampa Bay’s offensive line currently ranks 29 out of 32 with 25 sacks given up in six weeks. The offensive line as a unit only ahead of the Dolphins, Jets, and the Titans. Not exactly the company you’d like to keep.

The Good

If I started with the bad I have to talk about the good. The Buccaneers showed that they can be one of the best pass blockers in the NFL when they are prepared and focused. That game against the Rams was nothing I expected. When our offensive line starts to realize that they can punish teams pass rushers instead of being reactive when they need to be proactive. This unit is without two starts but it doesn’t have to be looked at as a weakness, it can be looked at as a advantage. The Tampa Bay offensive line is ranked 14 out of 32 when it comes to run blocking so this offensive has improved from 2018 in seeing the importance.


In conclusion I expect the Buccaneers offensive line to game plan well against the Titans and take advantage of their aggressive approach the Titans will bring when Tampa Bay comes to Nashville. Look for screens and quick strike passes to get these lineman on the move and hitting people.


Photo credit: titansonline.com

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