Even Winston listens


Time to K-I-S-S

Enough with the S-S-D-D

If I’m the Bucs, JPP just may be the MVP to fix this M-E-S-S.


Yes, the second Jason Pierre-Paul hit the field at Tennessee the Bucs became a different football team. His first play returning from a broken neck after reviving his career from blowing off much of his right hand with fireworks, JPP sacked Ryan Tannehill.

In limited play, Pierre-Paul had four tackles, three for loss and was a major reason the Bucs held Tennessee to 247 yards of offense. JPP brought energy. JPP brought a presence. JPP brought credibility. JPP gave the entire Buccaneer team something it hasn’t had for years. Juice.

And when he wasn’t on the field, he was helping his defensive teammates on the sidelines. JPP joined a group of offensive players in a sideline meeting. Even Winston listened. The Bucs drove for an immediate score.

This Team Responds To JPP

Bruce Arians was shocked.  He kept asking JPP if he was doing too much.  For a guy that hadn’t played and barely practiced since last season, JPP responded he wasn’t doing enough!  Let’s remember, JPP is still recovering from a summer car accident and a broken neck.


And if I’m BA, I take him up on it.  Well, anything short of letting JPP plan the Buccaneer July 4th picnic and allowing him to drive the team bus.


Any chance JPP can play a little offensive line?


How about helping the kids in the secondary?


I’d put him next to Byron Leftwich and let him whisper in the OC’s ear!!


I know I’m being crazy and ridiculous, but follow me here.  Take the fourth-and-1 with the game on the line, if JPP is making the block at the point of attack or JPP is handed the football or JPP even joins the offensive huddle and delivers the play from the sideline, the Bucs would ride that emotion to the first down.



Let’s not forget this is a team that had a man in motion plow into its running back!

UFB Take 2

This I do know, this Buccaneer team is amazed at what JPP has done to even get back on the field. They feed off everything he says and does. Deploy it any way and every way possible.

Using JPP as a lead blocker in a goal-line situation is stupid??

Excuse me, didn’t Refrigerator Perry score a touchdown in a Super Bowl?

Didn’t Nick Foles catch a touchdown pass in a Super Bowl?

Didn’t Tim Brady drop a touchdown pass in a Super Bowl??


I expected Bruce Arians to be the guy that breathed life into this football team. Obviously, his plate is full. Ride JPP all you can.

And do it PDQ.

Photo credit: buccaneers.com