If I were sitting behind the desk at One Buc Place…


Written by Michael Sedoris 

Sitting around watching the abysmal start to the Buccaneers season, I started looking for potential targets in the 2020 draft. It has been many years since the Buccaneers have drafted an offensive lineman in the first round. Having said that, I feel, this year breaks that drought.

Round One:

Andrew Thomas, OT, University of Georgia
6’5, 320 lbs

Thomas is slated as the top tackle coming into the draft. He has the potential to be a day one starter at left tackle. His quick feet, strength, and athleticism allows him to control the edge. Thomas plays well within his framework with ideal hand placement and technique. He is also a great pass blocker with quick feet. His length and use of leverage make him a brick wall at the point of attack. Thomas is an effective run blocker with quick out of his stance and progress as well as to the second shelf. What he lacks, however, is strength.

Round Two:

C.J. Henderson, CB, University of Florida
6’1, 186 lbs

Dare I say the Bucs go cornerback In the second round? I think Tampa Bay looks to in-state talent from the University of Florida.

Henderson has shown the ability to run with receivers his sub 4.5 speed, however, isn’t “overwhelming”. He uses his height and reach to his advantage. Henderson is a sound tackler and blitzes well off the corner. An injury suffered in week two could see him drop in the draft into the second or even third round. This may be Jason Licht’s chance to shine by stealing a round-one talent in the second.

Round Three:

Walker Little, OT, Stanford University
6’7, 304 lbs

Little would be a lock as a first-round pick, however, an injury (dislocated kneecap ) suffered against Northwestern early in the year. His season and quite possibly his dream of being a first-round pick is all but gone. First-round potential dropping into the later rounds due to injury? Please and thank you! Little was impressive as a freshman being a road grader for the ground attack leading to the success of running back Bryce Love. Early in a sophomore campaign, Little was impressive as a pass blocker. He is great on the edge and is difficult to beat. Keeping good leverage and footwork to win outside. Possesses great knee and bend technique. His length and strength allow him to sustain blocks and win in the trenches.

I would also keep an eye on Jared Hilbers in the 5th round. He potentially could compete with Donovan Smith.