O.J. Howard to the slot? Not so fast


Written by: Johnny Dean 

Let’s talk coaching and schemes for a minute.

I have heard on multiple platforms that the Buccaneers should use O.J.Howard as the 3rd wide receiver. On the surface, this sounds great. Might as well, Breshad Perriman isn’t working out there and no one else has stepped up. Besides the fact Howard isn’t playing at the moment, you still have Tanner Hudson and Cameron Brate. The problem then becomes, what does it take to do this?

NFL Playbooks Are Huge

During mini-camp and preseason, the staff is busy creating an extensive playbook for the team and instilling the verbiage for it. They then pound out hundreds of hours to acclimate it with the team. Communication is key, miscommunication creates break downs and mistakes. We have seen the results of those kinds of break downs with a young inexperienced team, just focussing on the initial language is hard enough.

Taking away a position that has been drilled all season to move full time into another spot just doesn’t make sense. Even if they were to just change spots they have to teach another player the schemes, routes, and verbiage to be effective. Moving a tight end out of the blocking scheme with the way this team suffers now in that aspect of the game would do more damage than good.

Every loss is a win

Every time the Buccaneers take the field this season they are keeping a check on plays that work, don’t work and may work under different situations. These get evaluated at the season’s end and adjustments are made. Plays are thrown out and new plays created. Players drafted, players cut, new guys coming in, old guys becoming veterans, bad teams becoming good, good teams becoming bad. As I said, the NFL is an ever-evolving league. The Buccaneers are in the birth process of their evolution at the moment.