The Complexity of Russell Wilson


Regardless of fanbase, talent is undeniable. From opposing team to opposing quarterback, game recognizes game. Someone who’s showing off their game this year, happens to be the frontrunner for MVP. He also just happens to play in the NFC West.


The Player

Russell Wilson has been a mad-man this year. His consistent play and down-to-earth collected tempo has steared this team towards a winning record and a shot at the  NFC West title. His numbers only tell part of the story, consistency pays off in time. From a fantasy perspective Wilson has been gold. His worst outting was against the Baltimore Ravens a couple of weeks ago, but his numbers were solid at 241 yards passing and a touchdown in a losing effort. Even to his biggest detractors, that’s solid. People seem to forget that he threw for 406 yards and two touchdowns while rushing for 51 yards and two touchdowns, in a losing effort, to the New Orleans Saints. Think about that….

Wilson has accounted for 20 touchdowns so far entering week 9. He`s quietly kept his rushing attempts down and currently has 182 yards on the ground. Unfortunately this year, there isn’t much stastical data to show errors in his game. He’s thrown one interception so far this year. 3 fumbles, 1 recovered.

Entering week 9 his 76.9 QBR is third in the National Football League. He’s been sacked 19 times, basically 2.5 a game? Who wouldn’t take that? He’s never had a losing record. Since coming out of the gate in 2012, he had a winning record and played all 16 games. He took the Seahawks to within a game of the NFC Championship. Not to mention since the recent dismantling of the Legion of Boom, that burden of a defense carrying him is no longer over his head.


-He’s a consistent winner
-He has thrown for 4000 yards in three seasons
-He threw for 3,000 + every year. In 8 years
-He’s accounted for 232 touchdowns
-He currently has a 68% completion rate
-He’s averaging 8.5 per catch; that’s the best of his career

But the biggest determining factor is that he makes his team better. Moving on from Doug Baldwin one would think would be a difficult transition considering the rapport they had with one another. But his Target percentage amongst throws to Tyler Lockett, is uncanny. Now a new threat has come to town. The Old Miss specimen, DK Metcalf. He is a piranha in the red zone. He’s receiving the most red zone targets of any receiver in the NFL.

Besides Wilson’s good decision making his improvisation in crunch time can produce issues for opposing defenses; let alone frustration. Next Monday night we get to tune into a real test of strengths when the 49ers and the Seahawks meet in Santa Clara. The Nation will know who runs the NFC West division. Wildon is a general on the football field; the 5 time pro-bowler and Super Bowl Champion has still yet to hit his peak, and already has a resounding control on how the game is played against him on Sundays.

Mr. Reliable 

He hasn’t missed a game in his career: the best ability, is availability. Wilson’s durability has won him respect around the league from opposing defenses. Rashad Penny and C.J. Prossise have added a different dimension to the running game to inhibit Chris Carson to enforce his will. Gap Integrity, chip blocks, lane separation and closeouts were just a dream in Wilson’s earlier years in Seattle. But by taking less hits, and trusting the brutes on the offensive line, the Seahawks are flourishing. With the bye week coming up, it would be a shame if someone were to uproot them before their primetime matchup against the 49ers. The question is, could Tampa Bay do it again? Here’s how.

The Plan

Stay the number one rushing defense for reason. Make sure Chris Carson, and Rashaad Penny, feel the pain of the Buccaneers rushing defensive attack. If you take away that element of the game, Wilson has to beat you throwing, which he doesn’t mind doing. But it does limit his options.

Crowd the line of scrimmage with the safety over the top of Tyler Lockett. DK Metcalf is a Sluggo, and red zone threat. However, from the 20-yard line on the opposite side of the field, non press coverage could be key to keeping him at the early. He’s not a volume wide receiver, so use that to your advantage on blitzes and stunts. Without the assisted key blocking of Will Dissly, cover sacks could become an issue. Carl Nassib, Shaq Barrett’s, and Devin White will have to maintain gap integrity. But if they cover the edges, the Tampa Bay Front four could eat; creating turnovers. Watch for key personnel in certain situations. Towards the Red Zone (30 or closer) look for DK Metcalf’s volume to increase. If you can frustrate him early, or have a spy over the top, you can pick and choose when you decide to attack Russell Wilson and their aggressive Tempo offense.

The worst that could happen is that Tampa Bay gets blown out. Best thing that could happen, is Tampa Bay puts up a fight. Any Given Sunday.

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