Ronald Jones: Bust to trust


Yes, Buccaneers fans from all over Ronald Jones is now your starter in Tampa Bay! I know most of you are going to say “about damn time!” and you would be totally correct. Jones when healthy has outplayed Peyton Barber in every way possible. In one season, he has gone from pure embarrassment to a very high upside. I know Jason Licht is breathing easier knowing that at least one of his 2nd round selections is starting to pan out.


Slow Start

Just a season ago when the Buccaneers drafted Jones the fans and media were really excited about drafting the speedy back out of USC. In the same season, fans and media were ready to crown Jones a bust before completing his rookie season. He was immature and unprepared for the NFL load and took a hard hit to his pride. Since then, Jones has humbled himself and learned what it takes to be a starter in this league.


Sophomore Resurgence 

Fast forward to 2019. Jones has packed on weight in the offseason and watched several hours of tape and kept his head in the playbook. You can really tell that the game has slowed down for him in his second season. You are starting to see the finesse moves he frequently used in college. The more carries Jones receives the more he will gain confidence. That will help him to become the running back the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have needed since the stellar season from Doug Martin. Byron Leftwich needs to find a way to get the ball to Jones in the passing game. Jones’ production would double by getting the ball to him in open space.



I personally could not be more proud that Jones was very patient and let his skills (and not his mouth) earn a starting position. The trust and great coaching have made his game take a huge leap. Great coaching makes bad players average, average players good, and good players great and Jones is surely trending upwards as the second half of the season begins.

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