Jameis Winston – Which Stats Matter?


There’s no doubt Jameis Winston belongs on the shortlist of Tampa Bay Buccaneer greats when it comes to quarterbacks. At 3-6, there’s a good chance the team will miss the playoffs again. Let’s stack every major quarterback-related stat and see how he compares to the rest of the league and his career.

Jameis Winston Breakdown

In passing attempts, Winston tied for third alongside Tom Brady and Jared Goff with 355 attempts. He completed 212 passes tying DeShaun Watson for ninth in the league. Winston bottoms out a bit on completion percentage with 59.7 ranking 32nd in the league just above Marcus Mariota.

When it comes to passing yards, Winston ranks third with 2,765 and averages 7.8 yards per pass, which ties with Aaron Rodgers and Derek Carr for ninth. Winston ranks fourth in yards per game with 307.2. He’s only one of four QBs in the league to exceed 300 yards a game. Winston’s longest pass of the season is 67 yards making him 14th.

Winston threw for 17 touchdowns, tied for seventh in the league with Rodgers and Matt Ryan. He leads the league in interceptions with 14. Baker Mayfield and Philip Rivers are the only other QBs in double digits. Winston’s also the most sacked QB in the league with 34, followed by rookies Daniel Jones and Kyler Murray. Yards lost, however, is 207 with Jones and Murray having more.

Winston’s total quarterback rating (QBR) is 20th in the league with 48.3. His passer rating is 27th with 83.8. So what can anyone summarize by performance? Winston is far less efficient than most QBs in the league. He’s on pace to break his season highs in INTs and fumbles. His highest number of INTs in a season is 2016 with 18 and he currently has 14. Season-high number of fumbles was in 2017 with 15 and he’s on pace to break it with seven games left in the season. His current pace sets new career highs in turnovers. The 2019 season also sees Winston on pace to break his career-high in sacks currently at 34. His highest in previous years within 2016 with 35.

Further Analysis

When it comes to completion percentage, Winston’s only done worse in his rookie year at 58.3 percent. Otherwise, he hovered around a low side of 60 percent. He’s on pace to set career highs in attempts, completions, passing yards, and passing TDs.

In conclusion, Winston looks to set personal bests and worsts in his contract year. He’s among the least accurate in the league and the most turnover-prone. Both dramatically affected his QBR and passer ratings. In all the team’s losses this season, only two games were the Bucs lost by more than one score: the dominating San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers in London.

Despite all the pressure teams place on him, he’s still among the top 10 in the league in passing yards and touchdowns. With his third ranking in passing attempts, he’s also thrown far more than the average whenever he isn’t getting sacked or running the ball. Winston’s accuracy hasn’t stopped being an issue since he’s approaching a career-low in completion percentage and nearly bottoming out.

The question now becomes is Winston helping or hurting his team more?