There was a red tide warning in Jacksonville on Sunday


Oh, those pillaging pirates have done it now. After putting together their second consecutive win yesterday in Jacksonville this defense is starting to look, shall we say, consistent?

The “Red Tide”

Turning in to Football Night in America at exactly the moment that analyst Tony Dungy was talking about that Buccaneer defense felt like kismet. After all, it’s been about 18 years since Buccaneer fans have been able to put their heads on their pillows and dream of a menacing, suffocating, speed to the ball defense like the one Todd Bowles is rounding into shape in Tampa Bay.

The Carnage Was Everywhere

The Jacksonville Jaguars and quarterback Nick Foles never had a first-half prayer. At times it gave one comfort that Foles is a man of faith. As the Buccaneers attacking defense was surely testing his. The Buccaneers led at halftime 25-0.

Like a fish woefully choking in oxygen-depleted water, Nick Foles had three turnovers, two of them fumbles. He was sacked three times and had a 41.7 passer rating before being replaced by Gardner Minshew at the half.

A Ways To Go Yet

Allowing Minshew to rally the Jags to close enough to let them think they had a chance was the only disappointment of the afternoon. He would go 16-of-27 for 143 yards, leading Jacksonville to their only touchdown on the afternoon. But the sixth-round rookie out of Washington State, who has won Rookie of the Week six times in 2019, would finally get stomped on by a red wave of Buccaneers defense. After letting Jacksonville grasp some air momentarily, the defense would finally seal the deal. Final score 28-11.

What’s Next

The Indianapolis Colts come to town Sunday at 6-6, and still very much in the playoff hunt the AFC South. The Colts will try to sip victory from the waters of Tampa Bay. Of course, you know what happens to horses that try to drink from red tide infested waters. Yeah, it could get ugly.