Buccaneers playoff perspective


After losing four games in a row following the victory over the Rams back in October the season looked a little bleak. With a chance for January football off the table, the team, and fans would have to temper 2019 expectations. Fortunately, the football this team has started to play has changed the perspective of Buccaneer football from “doom and gloom” to “fire and boom”.

How Do You Define Success

Each and every year there are 31 teams that finish the season short of the ultimate goal. A Lombardi trophy and a huge parade. For a Buccaneers team that required such a cultural shift this season, the goal was always a little tempered. That said. This team is on the cusp of having the most success they’ve had in a long time. This could make the next month of football very exciting for the team.

From There To Here

Let’s look at the Buccaneers’ record over the first three-quarters of the season. First quarter/2-2, 2nd quarter/0-4, 3rd quarter/3-1. The record stands at 5-7. The team has matched its win total for last season when they finished 5-11. With just one victory, the 2019 season becomes more successful than last. But seriously? Buccaneers fans expect more. With the defense playing the way it has, and the offense setting records, they should. So, let’s shoot for the moon. What is the realistic definition of this year’s success for the Pewter Pirates?

Got To Play The Ones They Scheduled

The Indianapolis Colts, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and Atlanta Falcons. These are the teams that fill the 4th quarter of the 2019 season.

A 6-6 Colts team that has just had no “luck”. A 3-8-1 Lions team that has lost their last five games. An 8-4 Texans team that currently leads the AFC South. A 3-9 Atlanta Falcons team that hasn’t quite found their wings under OC Dirk Koetter. 

Baby Steps To Big Leaps

There may be no January football for Tampa Bay this year. This does not mean Buccaneers fans can’t, or won’t enjoy the next month of football. There are some exciting storylines going on here.

It’s kind of like that time back in the day when you and a group of friends weren’t invited to a party. Somehow, you acquired some libations and had more fun than anybody’s “definition” of a party could have been.

For Buccaneer fans the next four weeks is their playoff party. It’s all about perspective.