Murphy-Bunting steps up


Written by: Fred Gudes 


Sean Murphy-Bunting has finally started adjusting to the speed of the National Football League. Alot of the Buccaneers faithful were losing hope in the rookie DB earlier in the season. Murphy-Bunting has struggled adjusting to the speed of NFL receivers. It’s understandable for Murphy-Bunting’s early season struggles as he was use to covering receivers in the MAC Conference while playing for Central Michigan.

Addition By Subtraction 

Since the surprising release of former first rounder Vernon Hargreaves, Murphy-Bunting has had more playing time. More playing time as a rookie is crucial, more playing time to learn Todd Bowles’ defense is essential. Murphy-Bunting’s recent play combined with that of the other rookies has led many to feel that this 2019 draft class will ultimately end up being Jason Lichts best to date.

This secondary is playing better without Vernon Hargreaves and not trying to play the blame game but numbers don’t lie. These young players on this defense are starting to buy into the winning culture Bruce Arians is trying so desperately to implement in Tampa.

All The Tools

In the preseason many Bucs fans, myself included felt Murphy-Bunting had the physical skill-set to end up being the Bucs best cover corner That’s over Jamel Dean, Ryan Smith, M.J. Stewart & Carlton Davis. I want to see Murphy-Bunting cover more of opponents slot receivers going forward, I’m seeing good things from him there.

As long as these young corners understand how to switch off receivers properly with communication this defense could do big things. Bowles defense requires these young corners to trust their teammates. Many of the earlier season struggles in the backfield were due to communication errors. I’m rooting for Murphy-Bunting to be successful in this defense and live up to the off season hype.

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