Winston owns it



The Tampa Bay Buccaneers win streak is over, finished, done. The streak came to a resounding thud, one fueled by Jameis Winston’s interceptions.

Winston is entertaining to watch, frustrating and entertaining. This guy can dazzle you with his brilliance while baffling you with his decision making. When watching the 25 year old drop back, two things instantly pop into the minds of Bucs fans. One, “oh no, what are you thinking” and two, “holy crap how did he fit that ball in there”. This is who Winston is, this is how he rolls.

Winston isn’t scared to fling it, he also isnt scared to accept responsibility for where he flings it.

You have to appreciate Winston for taking responsibility for the turnovers. Yes, he could have hid behind the excuse of being without Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, but he didn’t.

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians has made a habit of pointing out that alot of Winston’s turnovers this year weren’t exactly Winston’s fault. Today his tone shifted slightly…

While Arians was clear Winston can’t turn the ball over that much he did refer to receivers not fighting for the ball hard enough. Just as you’re think Arians may be souring slightly on Winston he reverts back to the talking points.

You can’t argue that this is the ultimate team sport as Arians stated, but you could argue that the accountability Arians has also preached seems to only be applied to certain players.

At the end of the day Winston needs to get control of these turnover, the interceptions in particular. Arians knows it, we know it and so does Winston.

“My primary focus is going into a football game and having a turnover-free football game. That’s my primary focus. When I do that, I’m going to be a great quarterback.”

Good, lets start next week against the Falcons. Doing so will most likely result in the Buccaneers eighth win of the season, isn’t that all that really matters?

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