Bucs’ fans take it too far


It’s been one of those seasons; injuries, turnovers, blown leads, penalties, players being cut. To say the 2019 Buccaneers season was interesting is an understatement.

Frustrations have boiled over on the field and in the locker room. The media has been relentless in its coverage of the team, more so of Jameis Winston. The enigmatic quarterback has had one of the most prolific seasons in recent history; prolific in yardage and touchdowns, prolific in throwing the ball to the wrong team.

Head coach Bruce Arians has defended Winston’s play, even blaming the mistakes on everyone but Winston. As the season wore on the mistakes mounted, the team continued pushing through and actually went on a four-game win streak. Then Saturday it all came to a head.

Winston has a habit of throwing interceptions on the team’s first drive. He also has a habit of bringing the team back from those early mistakes. Saturday against the Texans that came to an end.

With the Buccaneers driving late in the 4th quarter, Winston threw another interception, a bad one. The game was over at that point, four interceptions will do that to you. Nothing left to fight for in that game… well, on the field at least.

The Winston debate has raged on from the moment his name was called at the draft. The media-fueled the debate, the fans embraced it and chose sides. These fans took it to far and should be punished accordingly. This is a game, not life or death. The cold hard truth is the majority of the fans don’t understand that. Their lives are controlled by the outcome of a game. Some would call that being “fanatical,” I’d call it something else.

Photo/Video credit: Brooke Silverang