Report: Buccaneers to pursue possible trades for premium pick in 2020


As the NFL regular season comes to an end you can count on one thing, speculation. Who will the Buccaneers sign in free agency? What players will they re-sign? Who will they take in the draft? Speculation stacked on speculation with a side of… yup, speculation.


The Buccaneers have made a habit of drafting near the top of the first round. This year they will most likely end up drafting in the middle of the first round. Or will they?

We started this off by talking about heading into the speculation season. While it isn’t the offseason quite yet, this tweet would in most cases count as speculation. In this case I tend to believe JC Cornell as he’s been pretty spot on and well ahead of the curve with his information about the Buccaneers.

The questions that pop into my head from this tweet are, who is the premium player the Buccaneers would be looking to move up to get? What/who would they give up to get this premium pick? Would they consider trading O.J. Howard or Cameron Brate in an effort to move up? Then the question has to be asked, who would they be trading up to get? An offensive tackle, pass rusher? Quarterback?

Those answers are still months away, but it’ll be fun to speculate about it in the meantime.

Photo credit: CBS Sports