Winston Possible 2020 Darkhorse MVP Candidate?


If you happen to watch Fox Sports 1, you’ve most likely seen the show “Lock It In”. On Tuesday’s show, the panel had the discussion about who would be the front-runners for the NFL’s league MVP in 2020. One of the panel members was NFL analyst Todd Fuhrman, and boy did he drop a dark horse name into the mix. Jameis Winston. Watch the segment here!


“I think there’s a quarterback down there in Tampa [Winston] that Cousin Sal loves that’s a longshot worth investment,” Fuhrman said. “I find Jameis Winston at prices of 60/1 or better if you shop around. He led the league in yards, second in touchdown passes. His second year in Bruce Arians’ system and if Tampa gets to the playoffs, Winston is going to have an excellent chance at being darkhorse for the award.”

Wait, What?

Fuhrman pointed out that Lamar Jackson was a 50-1 longshot coming into the 2019 season. Jackson, as we all know, went on to win the league MVP in 2019. The bold prediction was met with hysterical laughter from the other panel participants as I’m sure it did with some of you reading this.

With all of us agreeing Winston is the most polarizing figure in Tampa Bay sports, Fuhrman makes great points. Through the laughter of the other panelists, not one provided any real substance of pushback. This is just another case of low hanging fruit for the national media in my opinion.

The Rub

Winston is the antithesis of what a stereotypical quarterback should be. He’d make throws not many can, but also throws that many wouldn’t. For every “oh my god! How did he make that throw?” there’s “holy crap! What was he thinking?”. Just about every touchdown comes an interception, especially last season. The Buccaneers have a huge decision to make in regards to re-signing Winston or not. That decision, whatever it is, will be met by hysterical laughter from a portion of the fanbase and media. Early Vegas odds have Winston as 60-1 odds to win the 2020 NFL MVP. Can he rise from longshot to MVP like Jackson did this year? I wouldn’t bet on it!

Photo ccredit: Yahoo Sports