The CBA Sent to NFLPA Members for a Vote


In case you missed it. The NFL Players Association voted to send the CBA to its entire membership for a vote late Tuesday. The NFL Networks Tom Pelissero reported that because the board of representatives forwarded the proposed CBA without a recommendation, it did not require a two thirds majority vote.


Confirming the vote, the NFLPA had the following tweet.  Passing narrowly by the NFLPA representatives with a 17-14 vote with one rep abstaining(wonder if it was the Houston rep.?). The Tampa Bay Buccaneers representative is in fact Ali Marpet with Lavonte David and Beau Allen as his back ups.

The last hurdle to another decade of NFL labor peace will be a full vote by all the NFLPA members. A simple majority vote will pass, or fail the proposed CBA. Most expect the agreement to pass and the labor harmony to remain in tact.

The date of the final vote is not yet determined. Stay tuned to Bucs Report for all your Buccaneers and NFL news.