Can Ronald Jones II Take the Next Step and Show His Talent In 2020?


After having a decent 2019 season, Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Ronald Jones II is ready to make an impact in 2020.

Can He Step Up In 2020?

Ronald Jones II  is only 22 years old and has shown a lot of promise for the Bucs. After rushing for 172 yards and accumulating 724 total yards in 2019, Jones II is ready to take on the 2020 season.

Jones is the future of the Buccaneers’ offense. If he can take the necessary strides in 2020, he can be a force in the NFL. Now that Peyton Barber signed with the Washington Redskins, it is time for Jones to step up.

The addition of quarterback Tom Brady could be a massive help for Jones and his career. Brady knows how to make the players around him better. Expect Jones to see a lot more action with Brady running the offense.

Jones has speed, and for a little guy standing at 5’11, he’s strong. He goes down the field like a bullet and can be a key to the Bucs offensive success for years.

Extra Help

With their 14th pick in the draft, the Bucs should take a high-quality offensive lineman. Having a strong line could not only help the offense thrive but the running back too. Jones would shine with a great offensive line.

The Bucs should also look at drafting another running back late in the draft. Not only could Jones potentially give them advice, but it would create healthy competition between the two.

How Can He Step Up?

The main thing Jones should do in 2020 is to listen and learn. Listen to his coaches and listen to his experienced quarterback. Learn from them and make the proper adjustments that will excel in his game.

If the Buccaneers do draft another running back, he should be that player’s mentor. Not only will he be helping a younger teammate, but he’ll also be helping himself. Plus, having that little rivalry with that player could make Jones work harder.

Jones has all the talent in the world to be a top-five running back in the NFL. It’s time for him to show it on the field.