Keeper Leagues: How to Become a Winner in Your Fantasy Draft

It’s your first official fantasy molding class all over again.
As a new season arises, change has for sure came. Although the fires in our bellies won’t be quenched by the mere allowance of football, it’s always better in person. Expectations are on an all-time high, everyone is equal. Lions and Browns have the same chance as everyone else, bright upcoming, shattered dreams.
No. This has definitely been a time to covet and learn some fantasy value. Let’s enjoy what little we may have, under the circumstances.
So it’s that time of the season wherein which fantasy has become reality. Television revenue is real. If it’s really, truly not about the money, then “Hello. You play to win the game!” In a keeper league, I would suggest drafting young. No harm in grabbing a quarterback early.
Let’s say your situation is a first-round running back and you come back for a top wideout or quarterback in the second round. Yes, a quarterback in the second. This is a keeper league in which talent and youth both matter. I’m looking for the top players and the young stars. That screams Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson among others. This is a keeper league with rookies coming in every year.

Quality, Not Quantity

Draft by need, not by quantity. Drafting by quantity has its advantages if you’re able to draft superb players. It would be wise to grab the top tight end fourth or fifth so you don’t have to address the issue later. It buys you some longevity when making future picks. If that area has been addressed then put a slash upon your draft board.

Running Backs Need Love Too

Add depth to your running back position. We may not value them, but we will miss them when they’re gone. Oh, please, oh, please not to injury! Grab ’em, stack ’em, but don’t be malicious with your hoarding. Keep in mind, this is a keeper league, try to avoid injury-plagued running backs. In this scenario, rookies are delicious.
Rookies hold and keep value where older players don’t. Sprinkle some into your top 10. Thank me later. Plus, jump around in various divisions by a different need from your roster. You’re more likely to get standouts. Albeit, if you grabbed a quarterback early, wouldn’t it benefit you to grab his tight end?
Fantasy points…..

Truth In The Youth

Guys, draft young. Get the keys for your team out of the way and then draft young. Second-year standouts and rookies with an excellent reputation should be on your radar in any competitive keeper league. Also, supply and demand in style. By being aware of the room, using tendencies and certain early attacks against later draftees will give you the edge in this fight.
If you’re on the backside, make uptown pay. Grab top-notch players. They have nothing to prove. Hey, they’re gonna make your team competitive now. Once you’re deep, don’t forget about your rookie class. There are gems out there like a Jonathan Taylor or a Jerry Juedy. The Swiss Army Knife Antonio Gibson and imagine having a rookie with the potential of a Henry Ruggs?
Considering that there aren’t any active sports in the United States and most places abroad, there’s no excuse for us to be lazy. Do the homework and know your research. This draft class is deep and fantasy football is a $1 billion industry. Set yourself up for years to come.
One last thing: never underestimate the power of trades!