The Difference Makers of Raymond James Stadium


If you have noticed a difference in the past few years while attending a Buccaneers game, you are not alone. The NFL has noticed as well. More like all the fans attending games have noticed. The league notified the Buccaneers that they were the #1 game day fan experience for the sixth time eight years. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Difference Makers are a large part of this success.


It’s All About The Experience

Like a concierge at a four-star hotel. The difference makers are their for you. They are at the ready with smiles, knowledge and a desire to assist. Like a human version of Buccaneer Siri’s.


The difference maker mission statement is;

“Every day, every guest and in every moment, we put our fans first. The Difference Makers of Raymond James Stadium are united to create memories that last a lifetime and provide the premiere stadium experience in sports and entertainment.”    

What it takes to be a difference maker team member can be seen (here). They would also be the last to take all of the credit for game day success. Security provides a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Concession staff are always at the ready. It is an across the board team effort.

Job Well Done

All fans attending Buccaneers games make sure you vote for the Difference Makers. Home fans as well as visitors. This is recognition of a job well done.

In the end, it really does make all the difference.