Reports: Gronkowski Joins Brady in Another “Secret Practice”


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers signing of quarterback Tom Brady was a move that showed the organization was ready to win now. So when a group of Buccaneers players is seen practicing at a local high school, you can be sure Brady is leading that practice.

Early Thursday morning several local news outlets reported that Brady and nine other players were holding practice. The players identified but not confirmed were.

Rob Gronkowski
Blaine Gabbert
Cameron Brate
Ryan Jensen
Ryan Griffin
Tanner Hudson
Dare Ogunbowale
Scotty Miller
O.J. Howard

Head coach of the Buccaneers Bruce Arians has lauded Brady’s taking on of the role as the pied-piper, saying.

“I love it. It’s exactly what he is and who he is, it’s a great interaction of those guys helping him learn what we do through the Zoom meetings and then taking it out on the field. It’s great team-building for what we can do at these times. I applaud him for starting it, and more and more guys are joining in.”

This is what you get when you sign a player like Brady. He leads by example, buy leaving no stone unturned. He comes in, sets the bar and then pushes you to meet and surpass it.