Jamal Adams Would “Love” To Reunite With Todd Bowles


Ryan Clark of ESPN said on NFL Live today that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are another team added to Jamal Adams’ list of possible trades. Adams would “love” to reunite with Todd Bowles and work on the defense he’s currently constructing.

Jamal Adams

Adams is one of the best strong safeties in the NFL and could be a huge help to any team’s defense. With only three years of experience, Adams has turned himself into a major defensive threat. In 2019 Adams had one interception, 61 yards, one touchdown and 6.5 sacks.

The New York Jets will be asking for a lot in return, either a star player or a handful of draft picks. The asking price alone could steer teams away from a trade. However, a player like him is worth it. Adams is only 25 years old, and still has plenty of successful years in front of him.

Will He Fit In Tampa Bay?

The Buccaneers have an incredible front-seven, however their secondary could use some help. Trading for Adams could give them much needed help in their backfield. He’s also worked with Bowles before, so that helps immensely.

But if the Bucs do try to make a run at him, should they give up some young talent, or future draft picks? Although having Adams would be great, I think they should hold off. If the Bucs trade away a high end talent like Mike Evans, that would greatly hurt the offense.

If the Buccaneers do in fact try to make a move, and they give away a couple of future picks. I wouldn’t be mad. But the Jets will want someone who can play now. And they’d probably want an offensive player to help Sam Darnold.

Whether or not the Bucs are interested in a trade, I think the likelihood of him coming to Tampa Bay isn’t slim necessarily, because it could happen. Adams has a history with Bowles and he likes the defense he’s building in Tampa. It really just depends on what the Jets want and what the Bucs are willing to give.