Kim Murphy is an All Star Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mother


Growing up playing sports is such a rewarding endeavor. Having a family to stand behind you as you continue to succeed is both satisfying and necessary. For all the practices, camps, traveling, etc, it can become a logistical nightmare. Sean Murphy-Bunting will be the first person to tell you what it meant to have his mom there for him.


Empowering Through Example

Friday night on the Sports Web, Kim Murphy joined Peter Blake to discuss life as an NFL mom and her nonprofit organization. She has four sons who competed in sports growing up, never missing a game. This superwoman found the recipe for making herself available for all her son’s endeavors. Now she is taking that knowledge and applying it through “Successful Jocks and the Women Behind the Uniform.

Mission Statement

Successful Jocks is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of male athletes by empowering the women supporting and motivating them. Her vision is of a world positively impacted by successful men, leaders, sons, fathers, husbands, and role models. The mission is to inspire, motivate, empower, and equip women who nurture male athletes with the tools, resources, and support needed to help athletes reach their maximum potential in the game of life.

After listening to Kim Murphy talking with Peter Blake, it was not to be moved by her passion and enthusiasm. The Buccaneers defender tells a story of when his mom and he traveled to Central Michigan together. Long before Murphy-Bunting was a second-round selection of the Buccaneers in 2019, he had received no offers to college. Kim and Sean drove to Central Michigan and would end up with a late grey shirt offer (like a redshirt year, only the player doesn’t start classes until the second term of freshman year). The point being, she knew what her son was capable of and went down there to make her opinion known.

Support for those Involved

Moms, Grandmas, Sisters, and Aunts, these women are usually busy not just supporting young athletes in their lives but also performing their daily hustles. The organization that Kim Murphy runs, Successful Jocks & the Women Behind the Uniforms, can be just an invaluable resource. This is for those who, like Kim herself, had four sons succeeding in sports and so much to be done to support them.

It was great to hear Kim Murphy on with Peter Blake on Friday night. Always refreshing to hear people talk about passion projects, and the hard work they have done. And best of all, a mother’s love for her son.

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