New Buccaneer LeSean McCoy Speaks To The Media


The newest member of the Buccaneers backfield LeSean McCoy spoke with the media for the first time on Tuesday.  He stated that there were other teams interested in his services for the 2020 season. His rationale for choosing to come to Tampa Bay? Tom Brady and the warm weather.


Meet McCoy 

When asked by the Bucs Reports Joshua Cole Allen, “With all the weapons on this team, what do you think you can add to it. And as you spoke about your role, not yet knowing it, if you only get 10-15 touches or snaps a game is that something that you’ll be ok with”.

The question was perfect because it showed exactly where McCoy’s head and heart are in joining the team at this stage in his illustrious career.

McCoy’s answer; “I can only control what I can control and if its five carries, if it’s ten carries, whatever it is I’m willing to give my best effort, 100%”. The twelve year veteran continued; “I had zero touchdowns and zero carries in the Super Bowl so, just to be on this team and help out, you know, and be part of it. Their building something special here, I truly believe that”. adding, “any way possible, I want to help out and contribute”.

LeSean McCoy brings another dimension to a Buccaneers offensive attack that has been adding quite a few dimensions as of late. A six time Pro Bowler, twice selected first team All Pro. the 2013 NFL rushing leader, as well as a member of the NFL 2010s All-Decade Team. He picked up a piece of hardware with the Kansas City Chiefs last season. In 2020, he will have a chance to be a contributing factor in the Buccaneers quest for some hardware of their own in Super Bowl LV.

The best way to get a respite from the Florida sunshine is to find a little shade. Now its time for the Buccaneers to throw some shade on the rest of the league.