Bruce Arians Navigating The New Rules


With the current pandemic, the NFL has implemented new protocols and rules for the 2020 season. One of those new rules is expanding the practice squad to 16 players. Allowing for six veterans regardless of accrued seasons to be placed on it. It creates an intriguing dynamic to building the final roster. When I asked Head coach Bruce Arians if it has changed the way he’s building the final roster and if the practice squad would include veterans he said.


“I think when you look at the roster – the way it is right now – there’s possibly a couple veterans that would be on the practice squad. [It’s] mostly going to be young players – keep all the veterans active until those young guys are ready to play. You never know who’s going to be available to put on the practice squad, so you wait and see. If door number two is a better option, you go to door number two. I think it’s a great rule, so we’ll wait and see how that plays out.”

It will be interesting to see if or how coach Arians takes advantage of the new rule. One possibility that also exists is to place a quarterback on the practice squad in quarantine. Something the coach has spoken on in the past. With roster cuts only two weeks away we’ll have our answer soon enough.