McCoy and Brady’s Leadership is Shining in Camp


The additions of Tom Brady and LeSean McCoy means more than what they can accomplish on the field. Both players have come into camp with a youthful like energy to them. McCoy has energized the running and passing game and Brady is enjoying learning a new offense for the first time in 20 some years as he builds chemistry with his new teammates.


But perhaps the biggest thing both players bring to the team is leadership, experience and a willingness to teach.

The Real Shady

I asked running backs coach Todd McNair how McCoy has looked and how he has helped the running backs on the team like Ronald Jones II, Dare Ogunbowale and rookies Ke’Shawn Vaughn and Raymond Calais he said.

“A couple of things. One, Shady brings a lot of energy. He talks a lot, he bounces around a lot, he leads vocally encouraging the guys, picking them up and pushing them. He’s good in the meeting rooms because they get to see [how] he just comes in during the week, studies his behind off and he’s got the offense down pretty good. They need to see that. For him to be in his 12th season – he’s not as light as he will be when he starts playing – and he runs around the field and he finishes down the field, that’s good for them to see from a guy in his 12th year who works as hard as he does.”

The Brady Factor 

McNair also has glowing praise of Brady as well. Citing how his leadership experience and overall command of the offense can leave some of these young guys in awe.

“You can’t be the player of his status without knowing how to be a great leader. He leads vocally and commands the huddle. Having a feel for what’s going on, the climate of practice – red zone, lock in and third down, lock in, stuff like that – just his presence. Guys look up in the huddle and it’s Tom Brady looking at you calling the play. He’s so much older than a lot of these guys – they grew up watching him and they can be in awe a little bit. But, it’s good to have.”

This team is poised to have a more balanced offense with the work Ronald Jones II has put in this offseason and Brady leading the huddle. Paired with incumbent third down back Dare Ogunbowale and the additions of veteran LeSean McCoy and rookies Vaughn and Calais. The team should see a much more potent running game in the 2020 season.

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