From The Cheap Seats: It’s Game Day!


The team will journey away from the giant red beacon flapping above One Buc Place, across the street to Raymond James Stadium for the first of two full scrimmages. Lives will change. Careers will be made or ended because this isn’t any other day. It’s game day!


Players on the bubble will either impress the staff or likely be relegated to “regular jobs” and watching their fellow warriors on Sundays. It all comes down to this. It’s game day.

It’s A Special Day

Each player has had the opportunity to impress the coaching staff at their position.These position battles may have been largely settled already, but roster spots have not. This will be the first full-speed special teams clash and it will decide the ultimate fate of dreams coming true or fading. It comes down to this. It’s game day.

Players like Parnell Motley came to camp as long-shots. They have earned the attention of coaches, but they have not earned roster spots. Motley may be the second best at his position, but that isn’t enough. “If he’s not starting, then special teams take precedent. If you’re a backup, you may be the second-best corner, but [if] the third best is a good special teams player, he’s going to take your job,” said Bruce Arians at a recent presser.


Matt Gay and Elliott Fry are locked in a kicking battle, and the result will have a massive impact on the final decision of who the Buccaneers kicker will be when toe meets leather on September 13th. Will Matt Gay keep his job or have to hope for an opportunity elsewhere? Will Fry reach his dream of kicking on NFL Sundays? It all comes down to this. It’s game day.


When the sun sets tomorrow evening, dreams will be crushed or realized. Nightmares or dreams will come true for so many, and most of them will be on special teams plays. Yes, there is another full-speed scrimmage a week later, but this will be primarily to reinforce what happens tomorrow, on decision day. It’s game day.

When you lift your head from your pillow tomorrow, take a moment and imagine: everything you have dreamed about or worked for your entire life all comes down to today. It all comes down to how you perform and how the oblong ball bounces. This prolate spheroid doesn’t always bounce fairly. What if everything came down to this for you? It’s all up to Friday. Your entire life. It’s game day!

That’s how it looks from the Cheap Seats.

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