From The Cheap Seats: Surprises Around The League


Who? What?

Wait, what did you say? “Tyrod Taylor’s deep ball is money?” Jordan Love looks like anything other than a first round pick? This year’s training camp has provided a lot of surprises around the league.


As strange as it may seem, Keenan Allen can’t stop gushing about Tyrod Taylor’s deep ball. “Honestly, I think that’s his best ball, his deep ball. His go route is just money every time.” he told

As positive as that news is out of Chargers camp, the inverse is true out of Green Bay. Jordan Love was drafted to replace Aaron Rogers, and he still may do that, but it doesn’t look like that will be any time soon. News out of Packers camp is that Love isn’t even the second best quarterback on the roster.

A Familiar Ring

Le’Veon Bell is unhappy with the Jets, although it is hard to call Bell being unhappy a surprise. Apparently he is at disgruntled with his use in a scrimmage due to his hamstring tightness.

Every day seems to bring new bad news out of Washington as everything from health issues with the head coach to new scandals seem to pop up on a weekly basis. The opposite is true in Atlanta and Cincinnati. The Falcons are raving about their rookies and how camp has gone so far, while the Bengals feel as though Joe Burrow has breathed fresh air into their offense.

Who Said That?

The surprising news out of New England comes from Cam Newton. When asked by ESPN’s Mike Reiss if he is the Patriots starting quarterback Newton replied with unfamiliar humility. “Absolutely not. Every day is a work day for me. That label is not important to me right now.”

Every year there are surprises all around the league before the season even starts. This season has been no exception. At least it looks that way from the Cheap Seats.

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The Deck Bar and Grille at Isla