From the Cheap Seats: Buccaneers Experience Embarrassment of Riches


The Buccaneers have experience at embarrassment. The organization has perfected the art of embarrassment for the better part of its existence. Things are embarrassing again in Tampa, but this time the Buccaneers are experiencing an embarrassment of riches.


Way Back In 2019

Just one season ago, the fans suffered through yet another year of talk about Jameis Winston and interceptions galore. Recently the talk was of pick-sixes, MRSA, coaching changes, drafting a kicker, and the list goes on.

Now that list is Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, LeSean McCoy, Leonard Fournette, Lavonte David, Devin White, Bruce Arians, and it just keeps going. New great free agents are asking to be a part of Tampa, and current players did not opt-out. Meanwhile, New England is scrambling to field a team after the exodus.

Welcome to 2020! Tampa is the place everyone wants to play. New England is a team players are opting out of in droves. Be honest, one year ago, could you even imagine this in your wildest dreams?

Have You Seen This Man?

It’s one thing after another. The Saints are the opener and the loud aluminum dome will be empty. We can only find Alvin Kamara on the side of a milk carton and not in Saints practice, as a contract dispute has erupted into a full-fledged standoff while Fournette will be entrenched in the Tampa backfield.

Injuries to this point have been few and every starter is healthy with a week and a half to go until the first game. The Buccaneers are experiencing an embarrassment of riches that are hard to wrap your mind around.

The Buccaneers are embarrassment experts, but this is something new. There is no more talk about losing 26 in a row. Gone are the days of free agent glamour receiver Alvin Harper having his fingertips accidentally cut off by a trainer. The alarm clock glow in the dark uniforms is now a distant memory.

But Of Course, There Is That

NASA has reported that a meteor is hurtling toward the earth and should arrive on November 2nd. That is about the only thing that seems to make sense these days. The Buccaneers are embarrassed again, but for today, at least, everything is different. The Bucs are experiencing an embarrassment of riches. At least that is how it looks, From the Cheap Seats.

The Deck Bar and Grille at Isla
The Deck Bar and Grille at Isla