Buccaneers Running Backs Causing Fantasy Football Headaches


When drafting a fantasy football team you want talent. Talent that will score points for your team and make you the envy of every other team in your league. This is serious competition. There is a formula for building the perfect beast of a fantasy team. When looking at the offensive juggernaut the Buccaneers are putting together, the first thought might be to grab some of that backfield talent. But maybe this team is too strong at the running back position and that muddies the water a bit.


Subtraction By Addition

Since the long ago days when the Brady Bunch was turning up over at Berkley Prep in Tampa, fantasy owners were looking at the plethora of potential offensive point production. With Tom Brady leading the way, surely the biscuit would be getting exercise. Special teams standout Dare Ogunbowale was putting in sweat equity. Learning the nuances of playing with the GOAT. Ronald Jones II was learning how to properly catch the ball, and effectively make blocks out of the running back position. 2020 draft pick Ke’Shawn Vaughn has the potential to become a starter in this league. The fantasy world was doing the math on the possibilities of this backfield.

The Buccaneers then set out and brought in LeSean McCoy. Obviously a talented player with a few miles left on the skids. a receiver out of the backfield. veteran blocking skills. a shifty runner with an extensive resume in the league. Suddenly doing the division for the fantasy points potential for the Buccaneers backfield got a little more complicated.

As If That Wasn’t Enough

In this “Super Bowl Or Bust” season, the team just keeps making all the right moves. Agreeing in principal on Wednesday night to a contract with Leonard Fournette. WHAT! In the wise words of the learned man Charlie Sheen. This team is “winning”. But how will all of these potential stars be looked at by fantasy football team owners during draft time? Who you gonna take?

One thing that makes Buccaneers fans sleep better at night. Once they have laid their heads down upon their pillows and counted Lombardi trophies dancing through their heads. This team is going to have a running back by committee approach and what a committee it will be. If you’re putting together your fantasy football team and want to predict which Buccaneers running back will put the most points on your score sheet, good luck. It doesn’t appear as though the Buccaneers themselves have a plan yet on how to best divvy the ball among this stable of incredibly talented running backs. Which, for fantasy football team owners seems like a bit of a problem. For Buccaneers fans ready for some 2020 football, this seems like a problem to look forward to.

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