From the Cheap Seats: Learning the Lessons of Winning


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have spent almost two decades learning the lessons of losing. This team and organization has spent far too many years learning the right things to say and the right ways to act in defeat. It’s time for a change. It is time to start learning the lessons of winning.


Momma Always Told Me…

When I was younger and some kind of adversity would come to me or to my family, my mother would always say, “What is the lesson that you need to learn from this?” She would say that there was a hand guiding the situation trying to make us better by bringing a challenge. I would often think to myself, “When do we get to learn the lessons that rich people learn?” or “When do we get to learn the lessons that come with success?”

This team has faced all of the adversity that it needs to face. Another loss is not going to teach humility and another season without the playoffs isn’t going to bring any new enlightenment. It’s time to learn some new lessons. The lessons of winning.

Time To Celebrate

Winning on Sunday was a great feeling for Buccaneers fans, but there was still far too much complaining after the win. Complaints about Brady or Gronkowski or the running backs. This was not a time to complain and the fan base needs to learn that. The fan base needs to learn how to be a winning fan base once again.

The Carolina Panthers may not be elite at this point, but they are mountainous professionals that came ready to punch the Buccaneers square in the teeth and the Buccaneers responded. It was imperfect, but fans need to realize that it will ALWAYS be imperfect.  There is always improvement to be had.

The Sweet Taste Of Success

The team now has a taste of victory and it has to travel to face a very tough Broncos defense that is likely to lash out like a wounded animal. Success is sweet, but the Buccaneers need to avoid the sugar crash after the sweetness. There are injuries all over the Broncos team, and that equals opportunity, but only if the team responds to that opportunity.

The Broncos will also have the opportunity to prove themselves and one of the two teams battling a mile high will learn a lesson. Fans can hope that this time it’s learning the lessons of success. It has been a long time coming, or so it seems From the Cheap Seats.

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